The Grand Experience is an account of how a young man successfully navigated university. It talks about lessons the author learnt before and during university that helped him switch from an average student to an excellent one.  It is a must read for anyone who does not like that word “average” as a student and wants to change it.

Trade one lunch or two to learn some tips that will help you traverse that challenging, however needed road.

It comes with a FREE Ebook “Becoming A Leader” written for young adults that helped the author a great deal to make that change.

About the Author

Itoro-Obong Itama is a First Class graduate of Chemical Engineering from Swansea University. He also earned a Master’s degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering from the same university and is an Associate member of IchemE. He attended Caleb International College. It was in Senior School that his grades started picking up.
Read all about it in the book.

Excerpts from Chapter 2

Know Thyself

“We are all cut out differently, to each one his style and method”- Anonymous

Before I started off in the university, I had assumed, based on the stories I heard, that universities were like; if you are not studying nine hours or more a day, you will not get a good degree. So I paused serious football playing for a whole year and was studying every night. University is very interesting, and just like the mathematics topic ‘Permutation and Combination’; you will find different students combining different academic techniques differently and some achieving very good results. You have the body-building geniuses; the no-studying-till-exam (last minute) students who still pass, and the average paced worker who puts in a little every day. You have students who are working as well as studying and still making awesome grades.

Think about how a student could live, and odds are, there is someone in the class who will meet your description. There was a guy in the same course with  me  who  I  knew  personally,  that would party every weekend, or to be fair to him, every other weekend. However, was still on top of his grades. He was what I refer to as the smart worker. He discovered himself early and worked with the knowledge of himself. There are others who always seem to be “serious” and “always busy”, yet these people were falling behind this life enjoying boy. It was a bit absurd to me. I found out later that this boy was working behind closed doors during the night. I spoke to him once and he mentioned he got little sleep during our discussion. This was about 4-5 hours a night.

Now I was not as gifted as this particular boy. I liked to sleep. I personally could not function with that little amount of sleep. I would not make it to lectures the next day. I reviewed his method and concluded that it would not work for me. I ended up not attending a single party throughout my university experience.


The book, “The Grand Experience”, is a priceless reference material for any young person desirous of superior achievement and success in life.
The messages of this book are succinctly clear: Firstly, “Have a vision for the best, pursue it from the word go; never give up no matter the challenges.”….

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